Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Still here.....

Yep, I am still in Memphis! Approximately 1 month ago I was having a breakdown and not ready to go to Brussels just I can officially say I am ready to get this show on the road!!! My stuff is still in Memphis waiting for space on a FedEx plane and I am still staying with my parents! Life back at home is not bad; however, the commute stinks! It took me an hour this morning to get to the office!

Anyway, I wanted to catch you up on things while I was moving out of my house. The movers arrived on Thursday, March 15th to pack me up! I closed on my house that morning, so things were gearing up already! The days prior to the movers arrival I spent my time organizing, sorting, throwing out, etc...and not really focusing on the fact that I was selling my house, my car, and moving out of the country. I was way too busy for that!

I bought my house in 2002 and have been there approximately 4.5 years. It is amazing how much stuff one can accumulate in such a small amount of time. I must remind you that I moved in with ONLY bedroom furniture and patio furniture....that's it!!! (Hats off to my friends who sat on patio furniture when I first moved in!!!! That is a true friend!) In the 4 years since, I managed to fill up an entire house with furniture that I much in fact, that I am taking it all to Brussels with me.

After visiting Brussels, I quickly realized things were much more expensive than at home. Then add the exchange rate (approx 30% more) and that adds up! So since FedEx was paying to send my stuff....I said...send it all! This is going to be very interesting to see my stuff in a new place!!

I was not sad until the last day the movers were there! As my house slowly emptied out, I began to get tears in my eyes! I started thinking about all the memories I had made in this house, friends that came to see me, decorating, painting (thanks Dad!), parties, etc. It was really sad and happy at the same time! But, the saddest part was when Maxie walked around the empty house room by room looking for her 'stuff' and it was not there! She looked so lost and pitiful!

The tears really started as I took my keys off my key chain. I never really had many keys to carry around. I had 3 for my house, my car key, the key for my desk at work, and a key to my parent's house. Once I took off my house keys, I realized my car key was going soon and then so was the key to my desk at work. The only remaining key would be the one to my parent's house. It is amazing how we all clutch on to the smallest things, like keys, to make us feel better about ourselves. Having only one key left dangling from my key chain made it all life is really turned upside down right now and I am officially homeless!!!

But this is a very good change and an exciting chapter in my life! I cannot wait to tell you all about it!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics from Moving Day!

All my stuff in boxes...well, that was only the beginning!

Moving van packing me up!

Maxie wondering what the heck is going on!

Empty Living Room!

Mom was a little happy I was moving out of Memphis!

Bye-Bye 1627 Willey! Thanks for the memories!!!

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  1. Brian6:11 PM

    You need some comments. This one looks appropriate.

    I passed by our old house last week for the first time in years while on the way to visit an old friend a few blocks away. So far, so good! By the way, how did that Japanese Maple in the backyard do? I've always wondered how my landscaping back there turned out.