Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...

I am really not that superstitious, but it has certainly been one heck of a day! I started the day off completed relaxed and very excited about moving into my apartment. I got up and dressed and took a taxi to my apartment around 10AM. Once I arrived I started unpacking the 3 pieces of luggage I brought with me. I put it all in the master bathroom and got as organized as I could before the movers were suppose to arrive. I let Maxie outside to get used to her new yard and was so happy to see some tulips scattered around! There are other flowers out there, but I have no idea what they are called! I really need to learn my flowers! Here are a few pics!

Spring is here! I was very surprised to find tulips in my yard!! Although the grass needs mowing the flowers had a little bit of happiness to my dull day!

Maxie getting use to her new back yard!

Now, the bad news....Late yesterday afternoon (Thursday) I got a call from the movers here in Brussels handling my shipment and they informed me Customs was not releasing my stuff due to come clearance issues. They then called back and said it will be released and they should be at my apartment around 11AM or so on Friday. GREAT, I thought!

Once I was at my apartment today I got a call saying Customs had inspected every SINGLE box in my shipment. As a result they found the 2 new TVs I bought and I now owe duties and taxes on these TVs since they are new. I have no idea why I should have to pay duties and taxes on items I am have for my personal use and not for resale...but Customs has control and there is nothing I can do about it.

I was told I needed to fax an invoice for the TVs to Customs immediately. I was at my apartment when I got the I had to run around the neighborhood to find someone that would let me fax a sheet of paper. I was praying I would find someone who spoke English and could understand what I was asking of them! So off I go down the street with my invoice and Maxie in hand to find a fax machine. The first place I went into was a 'no-go'. Then I stopped by the 'Stop and Go' (sort of like a small version of a Tiger Mart without the gas) and asked a guy there if I could use his fax machine. Thank God he spoke English and faxed my invoice to Customs! So, I was still remaining hopeful.

I called back later after I had not heard anything and asked for a status check. I was told the shipment still had not been released and it looked like Saturday before it would be delivered. I later got confirmation that everything but the TVs were released and would be delivered at 8:30 in the morning! YAY! I am keeping my fingers crossed. How annoying!

Now, I have to go to Customs next week and try to get my TVs and pay the enormous amount for duties and taxes and haul them to my apartment (which should be a sight in its own right).

I really cannot complain about all of this. Everything has gone so smoothly up until now, but it just feels like everything fell apart today. My phone and Internet service also did not work when I arrived today. Nice! So, now I will be without a connection to the outside world until sometime on Monday since a technician comes to fix it. I have so much unpacking to do that it will not I am not too worried about it.

I still cannot believe Customs inspected EVERY SINGLE BOX! Yikes...I had a lot of stuff! Anyway, Maxie and I are at another hotel for the night! She is wondering what the heck I am doing to her! She gives me these eyes that make me so sad.

Maxie hanging out at the 2nd hotel in 3 days!

I think I wore poor Maxie out today!!

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