Sunday, April 22, 2007

Think Before Jumping Next Time!!

I did it...well, almost! I had dinner plans with my boss, co-worker and his soon to be wife on Saturday night. This was a perfect time to try out the tram located at the end of my street. I needed to take the tram to the metro station then hop on the metro to the hotel where we were meeting.

I walked to the end of my street and jumped on the tram that was waiting. I was not sure where this tram was going to take me or even how to buy a I just jumped in and thought I would figure it out on board. As soon as I jumped on the tram I looked to see where I could buy a ticket. I must have looked lost as a guy started filling me in a little on how the tram worked. As he was talking to me the tram started going (without me buying a ticket...oops, hope no one noticed!). Anyway, the tram took me straight to the metro stop so I jumped off, went to the metro and bought a ticket this time and made it to where we were going. Very I thought! I was so excited!

Now I thought I was an expert on public transportation system; however, I soon realized that was not the case. I took the metro to the stop where I was to get on the tram. I was not sure which tram number I was suppose to take back to my apartment....but how hard could this be, really? I did exactly what I did the first time...jump on and figure it out. Well, immediately I knew I was not on the right tram. I did not recognize anything we were passing. I stayed on for a couple of stops but then decided I should get off before we got too far. So, once again without thinking, I jumped off hoping there would be a taxi stand close. To my surprise, there was nothing at the stop where I got off...seriously, people, very little lighting, etc. I knew immediately this was not a good situation. My heart was beating fast and I started to break out in a little sweat of nervousness. I then saw a taxi at a red light and ran toward it. It was about to leave when I knocked on the window in hopes he would take me home! Thank goodness he did and I made it home safe and sound!

Seriously, what was I thinking?????? I will not be doing that again!

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  1. NICE CAR man. Wow, surely in all the Christmas Brussels books I got you there is something about mass transit. Geez woman. You need to hop in the rental and just drive where you are going! You be safe now!!!! Miss you. Mom says hi, she loves your apartment. We look at your blog each day!

    Take care!