Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Settling In!

Hey everyone! Today has been a productive day! My relocation agent picked me up and took me to the bank to set up my account here in Brussels. I am not sure why I am letting this whole bank thing confuse me so much, but anyway, they explained everything to me...how to use the ATM, print my statements, set up automatic payments, etc. It is definitely different than how we bank at home (a little anyway).

I am trying to leave Maxie at home alone and few times a day so she can get use to staying at home by herself. She has been so use to Doggie Day Care over the past couple of months she has gotten out of the habit. Anyway, when we got back from the bank, she was waiting for me in the window! So cute!

My living room and sitting room are finally somewhat organized and furniture arranged. I was very happy to see my progress. The spare bedroom is pretty much a mess, but at least there is some organization around here!

I have to go to the office tomorrow...so wish me luck. I am not ready to start this work stuff but that is the reason I am here. I have been held up in this apartment for so long it was nice to get out today and see new things. The bank we went to was in Waterloo. We also passed by the American Women's Club of Brussels. I hope to make a visit there one day this week!

My Internet and Vonage phone are now hooked up and working! I am sooooo excited to have a local number to call home for FREE and you guys can call me for FREE also...so there are no excuses for not calling me! My only challenge has been with the new cordless phone I bought. I cannot get the stupid thing to ring. When someone calls I see that they are calling when I am looking at the screen, but it does not physically ring. Soooooo annoying! Anyway, so if you call, please leave me a message and I will call you back! AHHH!

I visited the neighborhood grocery store today and it was not a bad experience at all. Now, you have to know that I did not go for much but needed a few items. The only questionable item I bought was milk. I think it is milk because of the cows on the label (it was in French, of course). Mom asked if it was buttermilk...oh no! I hope not!

That is about all to share today! I am going to bed early tonight to get ready for my first day at the office! I may be getting my car tomorrow too....watch out Brussels, Tippa is on the road! Yikes!

Here are a few pics of my living and sitting room!

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  1. Anonymous4:40 AM


    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Memphis furniture looks FANTASTIC in your Brussle's apartment.
    I am so happy for you. I am so glad Maxie is with you. It sounds like you are settling in well and things are going well for you.I will keep you in my daily prayers.Enjoy yourself in the new chapter of your life and make a lot of new friends. I know there is a AXO sister living in Brussel's somewhere.

    Take Care,