Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy 1 Week Anniversary!!

I am celebrating my 1 week anniversary in Brussels. WOW, seems like yesterday I was wondering when this new chapter would begin and now I am a week into it.

Today I had to go to work for the first time…yuck! I walked to the end of my street, jumped in a taxi and off we went. I had the taxi take me to pick up my boss at his new house then we made our way to my new office. It is a nice FedEx complex. However, I basically spent my day sitting at a table right (no desk, no phone, and no Internet connection)…why did I even bother??!! We are steps away from the bathroom and cantina (cafeteria)…got the necessities covered anyway.

I know it will all come together, but just the little things are driving me crazy today for some reason. I think reality has started setting in! Mom and I are counting down the time until I leave (so sad!)…we are at 23 months and approximately 23 days! I know it will get better and I will settle in…but today is not a good day.

I discovered a leak in my kitchen sink last night so I had the repairman come and fix it right up. So far with this being a newly renovated apartment I have not found too many ‘bugs’….yet anyway (knock on wood). I notified the owner yesterday and she had it set up to be fixed today…that is quick for Brussels time!

The worst part about my day was the commute back to my apartment. My boss got his car today so he attempted to drive me home. We left the office at 3PM and I ended up getting home at 5PM. That is after we finally gave up and I jumped out of the car and took a taxi!! We found his apartment without any problem, but could not find mine. It was not pleasant. After coming home and looking at a map, it was sooo easy. Oh well, better next time.

Like I said, today was not a good day so I really do not have much else to say right now! It will be better tomorrow! The weekend is only 2 days away! YAY!

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  1. Whoa you have made a lot of progress!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking at your photos and of course I am sending decorating tips over the internet. I know you won't be offended, because this is the one random help I can offer until I hit the country.

    #1 Can you put your tv on your mantle- will it fit? You could run your cords along the wall and paint them white. They would blend right in.

    #2 Get some pillar candles online from Pier One (or from the Brussells*Mart :)) and stack them in your fireplace. The greenery gives it some color, but looks a bit too small. Another option is a big plant with big leaves in a cool basket.

    #3 If you can't fit the tv and you go with the pilars keep the painting over the fireplace. If you can't get the pilars look for a decorative fireplace screen or plant and hang your round candle thingy over the fireplace. When it is lit, it will look AWESOME!

    It looks so incredible there- I know you are feeling crazy, but stay strong girlie- you are doing a great job!!!!
    Talk to you soon- miss you!
    Jennie B.