Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 2!

Written on Sunday, April 15th

I have made it through Day 2 and I am exhausted! I have managed to unpack every single box which was delivered on Saturday! I wanted to get through all of the boxes before they delivered more on Monday. I cannot wait to get all the empty boxes and packing material out of this apartment! I hate clutter. Anyway, it was like Christmas when I was opening all those boxes! I got so excited to find different things like my scrapbook stuff, DVDs, Maxie’s food and water bowls, more clothes, dishes, pots and pans, forks and spoons, vases, my stereo, and pictures, etc.

My hands are like sand paper with paper and box cuts all over them. My feet are hurting and dry! I will need a mani and pedi in the very near future! Maxie and I slept until almost 11AM this morning and it was awesome (even though it was on the floor!)! We got up and I was unpacking a few things and around 1:30PM I looked out the front window and noticed there was another market today! I was so excited considering everything is closed on Saturday and Sundays and I was in need of something besides water to drink. So around 2:30 we headed back down to the market. Once we got there I noticed it was closing. I was so disappointed. Oh well, there was a concession stand open selling sodas and Belgian waffles. I got my sodas and came back to the apartment! I will know next time to get out early and hit up the market! I am buying flowers next weekend!!!!! I cannot wait!

Since I do not have cable or satellite yet, I am so glad I bought some DVDs and brought them with me! I have been watching Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy for 2 days now! How cool! I love that show! It has sure kept me company these past couple of days. Oh, and I had Pizza Hut for dinner! HA! I feel like I am at home!!

Nighty night!! COME SEE ME!!!!!!!

Here are a few pics from the day of unpacking!!

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