Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Home and a Gala

Note: I am working on a starting a new blog, since my European Adventure's are over, so check back soon!

I am starting to feel normal again after a crazy month of being home. My house is starting to feel more like a home instead of a cold new place. (I promise to get pictures posted soon....really, I promise.) I do not feel settled yet and my patience is running out! I have things on the floor and so unorganized at the moment and it is driving me nuts. (I am an organized freak and hate clutter!!!) I walked upstairs yesterday where the media room is located (it will be a media room one of these days, but right now, it is my junk room!) and looked around wondering where to start. I picked up a few things then started feeling very overwhelmed and turned around, shut the door, and walked back downstairs! That is how I am dealing with things these days....just shutting the door and dealing with it later!

As proud and excited as I am over my new house, I have really not invited many people over because it is not perfect yet. Ok, ok, I know...I need to get over that....and I time! You know, when it is perfect! Just kidding....if I have not invited you over, just come on could be a while before everything is perfect!

Outside all of the house stuff I have been doing, I am starting to reconnect with some old friends! I went to a Catholic elementary and junior high school which only went to 8th grade (so many of us went to different high schools). This year marked the 20th year since we graduated (from 8th grade) and we decided to have a little reunion last weekend. Our class was not that big (maybe 40 people) so we were able to contact most of our former classmates for this event. The school was having their annual gala fundraiser event so we decided we would use that to host our reunion!

What a fantastic weekend we had. A few of us met up for happy hour last Friday night and then the Gala on Saturday night. A new school has been built since we were there so I was excited to see the new and improved Sacred Heart School! I really loved going to Sacred Heart...probably the best school years I ever had! Our class was the best, if I must say so myself, and we were all very close! I have stayed in contact with many of them over the years.

We had a great time reconnecting, talking about the past, and planning future events so we can all stay in contact! I love these friends so much!
Things are started to settle down for me, so I promise to be posting more frequently soon! I hope I am not losing any of my bloggy friends...I miss you all in blog-world!

Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted. Time does fly when you are having fun! That is, if you call unpacking, shopping for house stuff, organizing, cleaning out, throwing away, setting up utilities, having a fence built, shopping for a car, etc. having fun! (Some days, I am not so sure!)

I finally received all of my shipments from Brussels with only a few damages. It is amazing how you feel once you are surrounded by all your junk (I mean, stuff). Most of it is unpacked and scattered about all through my new beautiful home. I will eventually get it all organized and in the right spot!

Remember when I wrote this? There was something about having keys which made me feel normal, a place to go, a home. I felt so displaced when I no longer had keys when I was leaving for Brussels.

I had that same feeling coming home from Brussels. I got rid of my apartment keys, car keys, office keys, and keys to a friend's house. Once again, I felt very displaced.

I cannot remember if I have told you about my friend, Brenda. She is a purser (head flight attendant) on the Northwest Airlines (now Delta Airlines) Memphis/Amsterdam flight. I first met Brenda on my flight home from my househunting trip when I was moving to Brussels. I asked a flight attendant about flying with a dog. She did not know the answer so she referred me to Brenda. Brenda came back to where I was sitting and answered all of my questions about flying with a dog. She also asked me what kind of dog I had. When I told her I had a Maltese, I thought she was going to hug she is a Maltese owner herself. There was an instant bond. I told her all about Maxie and she told me all about her Gracie. Ever since then, we have become fast friends and I tried to plan all of my trips back and forth to Memphis when she was flying.

On my final flight home from Brussels when moving back,we made sure she and Rosemary (another flight attendant friend) were on the flight! It just made the experience complete to share that final flight with these 2 special ladies who always made sure Maxie and I were in good hands. They also gave me a special gift on this final flight, a very nice keychain. They have no idea how special that gift was to me and how much having keys means to someone who has felt displaced.

So, when I closed on my house, I thought it was very fitting to place that key on this new keychain and know that I will not feel displaced any longer and remember how God sends very special people into your life just when you need them!