Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cultural Differences

Part of the attraction of living in Europe is to experience different things and understand the cultural differences. It makes living in a different country so interesting and frustrating at times! This is a subject I will keep learning about and do my best to document for you.

Friday was a productive day at work...basically getting organized and settled in. After work I needed to go back to the electronic store in the mall and return the cordless phone that would not ring. You have 8 days to return items at this particular store and Friday was my 8th day.

I walked into the store and told the employee I needed to return the phone. He asked why I was returning it and I told him it did not ring. He looked at me really weird and asked (in his best English), "no ring?". I said, "Yes, no ring". He opens the box and begins to take everything out. He then proceeds to test the phone to see if it would ring. I told him I did not want the phone (even if he was able to get it to ring) because I bought another one the day before. He did not understand what I was telling him. He got everything hooked up and tested the phone. Of course, it would ring for him (why would I think it wouldn't??!!). Anyway, he gives me the weirdest look and tells me that there is nothing wrong with the phone and I will not be able to return it. I told him I had 8 days to return the phone and today was the 8th day and I should be able to return it and get my money back.

He then told me he needed to ask his manager about the return to see if an exception could be made. He came back and told me I could get a store credit but no money back. I said I would take the credit. Ahhhh!

Something so simple like returning an item can be so frustrating!! Oh well, it is their culture and I am living in I must adjust! Going forward I will definitely limit the items I return!!!

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