Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Starting the New Chapter!

Whew, I made it on the plane without having a nervous breakdown…or my parents having one either, well almost. I have been really excited about starting this new chapter so leaving today was extremely bittersweet but there were tears. I know this is where I am supposed to be, but it is hard getting my family to see and accept the rational! They are coping and dealing as best they can. Although I am worried about them just as much as they are about me. They know I will get to Brussels and make new friends and will do my best to make the most out of the next two years. Although they wanted to sue for custody of Maxie…they know having Maxie with me helps me sooooooooooo much! They knew they would not win that battle!!!

Speaking of Maxie…well, as we are now flying over the Atlantic Ocean (yep and I am still awake even after taking an Ambien over an hour ago) she is sacked out! I decided to give her a sedative after the flight from Memphis to Atlanta. She was not a happy camper sitting under the seat all zipped into her travel bag! So, about 10 minutes before we boarded the flight from Atlanta to Brussels, I gave her the medicine and she has only looked up and made a few noises but after a confirmation glimpse at her Mommy and a couple of tummy rubs, she went right back to sleep! I love this! I have been so worried about how she would do on a plane….well, now I know the secret!

By the way, the sedative was vet approved and recommended!

More later…I think the Ambien is working its magic! Nighty night!!! See you in Brussels!

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