Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 1 in My New Apartment

Written on Saturday, April 14th

After another night in a hotel, I finally had some of my things delivered! Yes, I said some. There was 1 truck available on Saturday so I was only able to get all that would fit on 1 truck. The remaining items will arrive Monday afternoon. The main items missing were my sofa, box springs and mattress for my spare bed, box spring for my bed (I did get my mattress that Maxie and I are sleeping on tonight), among other items!!!

I was up to my eyeballs in boxes and packing material! WOW, I had no idea one cup required so much paper around it. The movers who packed up my stuff told me they had to double wrap everything for international shipments…I now see what they were talking about. I was glad I did not get it all…I am not sure my apartment (or me) could handle it all!

After the delivery was made and I started unpacking, I looked outside and saw what a beautiful day it was outside…sunny and in the 70s. I also noticed the market that I heard about at the end of my street was getting underway. So, I had to go check it was just down the street from me. See the picture below...that is the beginning of the vendors and check out all of the flowers! There will be time later to unpack the boxes!! Maxie and I headed down to the market and WOW, I was impressed! There were booths for just about everything….fruit, vegetables, meats, bread, fish, clothes, flowers, plants, toys, jams, etc. I was so excited! I now see why everyone loves the markets!!

As we were walking through the market and checking out all the goods, Maxie stopped and met her first friend. His name was “Dream”…a really cute male Maltese! Can you believe it was a Maltese? Dream’s mom said it had to be love at first sight! (Dream is a male Maltese) I started talking to Dream’s mom, Benedicte, who was the sweetest girl. She is originally from Brussels and speaks perfect English and lived in New York City for 2 years. She lives in my neighborhood and told me that I could not have found a better place to live. She absolutely loves it here. (That was nice to hear considering I am required to be here for 2 years!!) She also absolutely loves Dream just as much as I love my Maxie. She took me over to a dog park where they hang out, told me she takes Dream everywhere with her, and told me about an awesome dog accessory store. The park was great and right around the block from my apartment. How cool! I was so excited to make my first friend! We exchanged digits and plan on meeting again!

Speaking of Maltese…I met an older gentleman yesterday who lives a few doors down from me. He was pointing and trying to talk to me about Maxie, but I could not understand anything he was saying (he was talking in French). I ran into him today and he ran up to me with his dog…..a Maltese! I cannot remember the dog’s name, but he was the cutest thing! In 1 day I have met 2 dogs who were Maltese! Can you believe that? Maxie will have so many friends who look just like her! How funny!!!!!

I did get a chance to buy a couple of things at the market! I bought some really yummy strawberries and an incredible rotisserie chicken. I had the chicken for dinner and it was really good! I cannot wait to go to my next market! I wish I had bought some flowers…but I have not found any of my vases yet…so I thought it would be best to wait!

More tomorrow!!!

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  1. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Not only is Maxie meeting friends, she's opening the door to let you meet friends!! She really is a blessing to you in so many ways! I was wondering why the picture of the strawberries, and now I understand...fresh from the yummy! Your place is really looking great...Kelly would be so proud!! It has to be great to have so much around you that is familiar. It will help on those "down" days. Stay strong!!! We miss you!