Thursday, April 5, 2007


Being without a house to call your own or a car....or really a state has a way of making you feel really displaced. When you think about it, having your own set of keys to your house and your car is really an extension of you and your life. And when those are taken away and everything else, there is nothing to feel but displaced. I have really learned a lot about myself and gotten back to my roots or the very foundation of my being. I know, I am getting really deep here. Moving out of the country has made me realize some things about myself. Here are a few examples:
  • I am a bit controlling and it is hard for me to give up control over some things. However, having to turn your life and trust over to people like the packers, movers, relocation company, and FedEx, just to name a few, makes you get over that really quick! I suppose I am that way due to being so independent and always having to do things on my own. I have had to place trust in people that I don't even know to tell me that I am living in a safe neighborhood, my belongings are being packed and moved by people that won't rip me off, etc. It is really hard to give up that control....but I am working on it! I am sure I will have to place trust in many more people over the next couple of I can only hope for the best...and trust my gut!
  • One of the guys packing me up told me I ate like a kid after seeing all the non-perishable food items I sent in my overseas shipment!!! I found that hilarious and realized he was probably right!! (You have to come to Brussels and see what's in my pantry because I am not going to tell you!)
  • I love my friends and family probably more than I ever realized! Now I know that sounds silly, but we all tend to take people for granted when we see them often and especially live very close to them all. This experience has made me realize how special they are to me and how much I am going to miss them!
  • I am a picture freak!! I knew I was, but starting this adventure has really gotten me excited about telling my stories through pictures! I bought a new small digital camera not too long ago...but I am looking into a real 'photographers' camera to get soon! I cannot wait!!!!!! I am going to be filling up so many scrapbooks!
  • My faith has grown stronger. I have no doubt in my mind Brussels is where God wants me to be right now. Everything has fallen in place for me and this move and I know that was because of the Man Upstairs!!

Ok, that is deep enough for this posting! Hope to see you all soon!!!

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