Monday, April 23, 2007

Driving is a NIGHTMARE!

I have had a car for 4 days now (including the weekend) and I already HATE driving in this city. I drove around on Saturday to get the lay of the land and it was a good journey; however, driving to work is a different story. It took me over an hour to get home on Friday and it took me over an hour to get to work this morning.

I was a nervous wreck on the drive in this morning. I must not understand the rules of the road and about had 50 accidents and quite a few people throwing their arms up in disgust at me! Oh this is going to be interesting! I know it will get better once I understand the roads, traffic, rules, etc...but in the meantime.....keep saying those prayers that I do not wreck the Mercedes!!

Starting this afternoon and continuing going forward I will be going in to work and leaving work before rush hour. I just refuse to spend over an hour in the car!

Oh, the best part about my parents are coming to visit me on June 23rd!!!! YAY!

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  1. agnes6:39 PM

    I am really enjoying your adventures! Your furniture looks perfect for your apartment. Maxi is so cute in her "pink" collar! Yeah, Tippa you have nerves of steel with the tram adventure.
    talk to you later...Agnes