Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Day

Bon jour from Brussels! Maxie and I got rested up from our flight over the big pond! It was nice to get some real sleep!

Lindsay came by today and took us to lunch and then to the mall for some shopping! Maxie had her first restaurant experience and she did great! Dogs are accepted everywhere over here and so we took her to the mall with us! She sat in the chair right beside me and did great! Mom says she was not surprised that she did so well because she was raised right...well, I have to agree! HA!

Anyway, I purchased a few essential items to get me started. I bought a modem so my computer and phone will work tomorrow once I am moved in and unpacked! I also bought a hairdryer, curling iron, and a phone! You have to remember the outlets are different here. They are on 220 watts and we are 110 at I have to buy all new electronics! My next purchase will be a washer and dryer and a GPS!

We also ran by my apartment so I could show Lindsay around. I noticed my name was on the speaker outside (used for visitors to call me so I can let them in). After I managed to find the right key and figure out how to open the door using that correct key, we walked in and saw a piece of mail for me! YAY, my first piece of mail...I was a bit excited. Of course, when I looked closer I noticed it was from Belgacom (my phone company) it was a BILL! Wouldn't ya know first piece of mail was a bill! HA!

We finally made it in and it was just as cute as I remembered...but smaller than I remembered...oh well, I do not need much space!!! Maxie loved it as well! There are even a few tulips in my backyard! I cannot wait to move in and get settled!

However, Maxie was afraid of the stairs! I am not sure why she was so scared....she is fine at my parent's house. It may be the hardwood where my parents have carpet on their stairs! Anyway, I snapped this picture of her as she was crying wanting up the stairs but too scared to climb them!

My mom and sister saw this picture and said Maxie was looking for they better hurry up and come see us!!!


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    please keep this up as we are excited to hear of your adventures.

  2. I'm so glad you're there safe! How excited you must be! I hope you get all settled in and everything goes just as you had hoped! Keep the posts coming!

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I can't believe Maxie was scared of anything, since she was always the brave one in play group!