Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farmer's Market

I have mentioned in previous posts about my love of my neighborhood farmer's market; however, I really do not think I have posted many pictures.

I discovered the market on the day I moved into my apartment and blogged a little bit about it here and here. I kept noticing people walking by my window with flowers, fruits, bags of veggies, etc. I wondered what was going on and where I could get some of those beautiful flowers! I glanced out the window and saw the market! I could not believe it. I had always heard of Europe's farmers markets but had not been to one...then to find one right at the end of my street....oh, I was excited!

The market is held every Saturday and Sunday (rain or shine) from around 8AM (which I never make to that early) until around 1PM. I try to get down there most weekends and try to meet up with the "waffle guy" and have myself a waffle for breakfast! Then, I head over to the "chicken guy" (who I have posted recently about), then over to the "fruit guy", then to the "veggie guy"!

You can buy all kinds of fresh fish, fresh Italian pastas and sauces, pastries, pies and tarts (I brought one to a dinner I went to last weekend and THEY LOVED IT), uncooked chickens and other meats, wines, bread, deli meats, etc...just to name a few. There are so many things that I have never seen nor heard of.

I have found you can find most anything at the farmer's market. From my understanding, most people do all of their shopping at these type markets and you can find just about anything. These are the most unusual items...

Earrings anyone?
How about a nighty...
Maybe some tights or pantyhose...
Yes, even a mattress!
Here are some of the most common (and normal) specialities:

Olives...and more olives...with all kinds of stuff in them. All types of fruit! And cheese...
The flowers are my favorite. I took some outside flower containers last year to my "flower guy" and they filled them with beautiful flowers! So easy! They also have gorgeous bouquets that are very inexpensive! I LOVE the flowers!!! When you buy them, they wrap up up so pretty it just makes you want to give them as a gift!!
After visiting all of my "guys" on my latest trip to the market, I brought home these yummy strawberries, blueberries, green beans, Sp├ęculoos, and of course, a piece of that yummy chicken! Oh the waffles...YUM!
I know I will miss the farmer's market when I return to the States, but until then, I will be visiting my "guys" and loving every minute of it!!!

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  1. I miss European markets so much! The one that used to be down the road from me sold the best flowers they would last 2 weeks or more!