Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life as an Expat!

The more I think about this conversation, I start to laugh! Here it is...

Email from my friend, Julie, on Friday afternoon as she is on a train from London where she was working for the past few days:

Julie: “Hey! What do you have going on this weekend?”

Tippa: “Hey girl! Not too much, really. It is supposed to rain so it will probably be another weekend indoors.”

Julie: “I was thinking about taking the train down to Paris Saturday morning. I wanted to photograph the city and hit up some of the sales. They are having great last minute summer special fares to Paris.”

Tippa: “Oh, that sounds like a great idea! I really need to get down there and photograph the city without running around showing people all of the touristy sites. However, since I just returned a couple of weeks ago and I am really somewhat tired of Paris right now, I think I am going to pass this time. Thanks for asking me though!”

It just makes me smile at how silly that conversation sounds. I do not know many people who can say....1) I am TIRED of Paris; and 2) I was JUST THERE a couple of weeks ago.

I can already tell I will miss living in the center of Europe and the ability to jump on a train and be in any fantastic destination within a couple of hours (at most). I have started taking living here and being so close to many fabulous cities for granted. I need to get out of that mindset and live in the “now” so not to have any regrets once I move home!!

Yes, this is the same girl who wrote the “Homesick” posting a couple of weeks ago. :-)

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    Good on ya!