Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip of a Lifetime! (Part 3)

We returned to Brussels after an incredible time in London and Paris! We were exhausted, so we used the next couple of days to just "be" and it was nice! But, there was still Brussels to see...so we could not sit for too long before we were off again!

We hit the main spots in Brussels....the Grand Place,, the infamous, Manneken Pis, and of course...a Belgian waffle! I also took my parents out to where Napoleon's battlefield of Waterloo in Waterloo, Belgium and the Butte du Lion (or Lion's Mound)!

And, of course, the pics...

The Grand Place... Manneken Pis...The Battlefield and Lion's Mound in Waterloo...
And, we cannot forget about Maxie who was not pleased she could not have even a bite!

We also got to spend some time with Zsa Zsa since Dan was traveling! (Zsa Zsa on the left, Maxie on the right)But, when Dan returned, he took Daddy for a ride in Pam's SMART car! Daddy LOVED the SMART cars over here and is seriously thinking about buying one since gas prices are so outrageous right now! I will keep you posted if he does buy one...how cool would that be! He may be the most popular man in Southaven, MS!!!
Oh, and get this.....I have been craving Mom's turkey and dressing and chocolate pie! You would think it was Thanksgiving or Christmas??!! Anyway, she made it for me! YUM!
Up next....Cologne, Germany (minus Angie who left going back to the States on Sunday!)

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