Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks, Daddy!

If you have ever been to my parent's house, you will notice just how pristine their yard is....thanks to my Daddy! He is all about having a beautiful yard and make sure his kids do as well!

While my family was here, I knew Daddy was going to do some yard work (whether it needed it or not). The back of my yard (garden, as they call it over here) did need some improvement that I have not had the chance to do nor really wanted to do. Well, Daddy decided to take care of it for me!

Here are some pics! (I do not have any before pictures frankly because I was too embarrassed at just how bad it looked!)

Maxie enjoying her beautiful garden!
This is the part of the garden which needed some much needed attention! It looks so much better now! We even discovered I had some type of beautiful flowers. At first, I thought it was hydrangeas, but I really do not think so now.
Maxie wanted to show off this new discovery!
I later decided to cut some of the beautiful flowers and enjoy them inside!

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  1. Beautiful garden it is. Almost just as beautiful as the little doggy. (Nah, now that beautiful....LOL) Very cute dog. I love animals.

    Well the online photography that I am do right now is just learning how to work my specific camera, but as I have told my other friends that were interested is that you can still learn what different things are such as apeture, f-stop and depth of field etc. These are the creative ways other than lighting for pictures. So I just started it yesterday... I was more interested in blurring the background in shots with people.

    I am shooting my friends engagement pictures next week and I wanted to look as good as I they could.

    Plus I am always shooting my cat and kids. LOL

    Here is the link and I hope it help...good luck.

    Danielle is great and a very sweet girl by the way.