Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stansted, England

I am currently in Stansted, England for work! Now, I have to tell you the weather is nice and in the 70s, so I am enjoying looking (ok well, daydreaming) out the window of the office and not wanting to be here.

There is really not much to report from Stansted. I am working and we are staying by the office, which is located by the Stansted there is absolutely nothing to do here but work. The hotel is nice. I even went to the gym this morning (trying to work off some of the Belgian pounds that have crept up on me)! The hotel has a really nice spa so I plan on getting a pedicure at some point during my stay.

We arrived on Tuesday (since Monday was a Belgium holiday) and will be here through August 8th; however, I am going home on the weekends (did I mention there was NOTHING to do in Stansted??!!!).

I have to think of something more to give me a little bit and I will be back!

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