Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feeling Like a Local

It hit me as I was walking out of my apartment this morning that I am feeling more and more like a local. Not a local in the sense that I have grown accustom to the culture and language (that is certainly not the case) but a local in the sense that I feel comfortable in my new surroundings, apartment, neighborhood, know my way to work without getting lost, know where to grocery shop, etc, and just more at home, in general.

My mood may have something to do with the weather. When I arrived on April 11th, Brussels was experiencing abnormal weather. It was absolutely beautiful with sunny sky's and 70+ degrees. They went 36 days without rain...a record in Belgium history! After about 4 weeks of being here and enjoying the great weather, the rain came and came and came. I think it rained for 2 weeks straight (maybe not 2 whole weeks) but a lot and it was cold and just plain gross. Supposedly, that is normal weather around here so I better get use to it.

Anyway, today when I left my apartment it was sunny and extremely pleasant! I jumped in my car and made it to work in under 30 minutes. I am able to get home most days in under 20 minutes! Nice!! Yes, I am going in and leaving early to avoid the major traffic...but I am happy with my commute and route to work thus far!

So, I guess I am feeling more at home....which is a very good thing!

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