Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bruges, Belgium

After being in Brussels for 5 weeks now, I was ready to get out and see something so Maxie and I headed to Bruges on Friday to see what this little town was all about. The drive was only about an hour so it makes for a great day trip! I took advantage of the holiday on Thursday and took off Friday and had a 4 day weekend! (Have I mentioned how much I love the holidays in Belgium??!!)

I really did not do any research on Bruges before I left mainly because all I really wanted to do was walk around and just explore this town that I have heard so many wonderful things about. I will be bringing my parents back in a month to really "see" the city.

As soon as we walked into the main square I knew I was going to love Bruges. It is a wonderful little medieval town with lots of very quaint shops and restaurants. The architecture is wonderful (as in most European cities) and the little shops are just adorable.

People call Bruges the "Venice of the North" as there is a canal which runs through the city. You can take boat rides through the canal and get a bit more history of this town. I cannot wait to go back and do that!

I am attaching a few pictures of my first visit to Bruges. As I said, I did not do any research so I have no idea what these building are!!! I will find out and let you know when I go back!!

Belgium is famous for its lace...and there were lace shops everywhere with absolutely beautiful handmade items. Even if you are not a lace person (which I am not) I was impressed with the items they had!

Belgium is also famous for its chocolate. I loved this chocolate shop with the 'unique' items they made out of chocolate!!

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