Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bon Voyage!!

Moving to another country and away from home has made me realize just how much I miss my family and friends! It is hard to step into a world where you know no one and nothing about your surroundings. I have had to rely on someone for just about every decision I needed to make here and hope that they are trustworthy and pointing in the right direction! I have been so blessed with the kind people I have met so far! Everyone has been WONDERFUL to me and for that, I am very thankful! However, no matter who I meet here, they will never be as special as you from home!

I wanted to share some pictures of my special people from home! I know this is a little late (I did move to another country, you know!). Teresa threw me the best going away party anyone could ask for...and if you missed it you should be very sad!! There are many more pictures but I am not able to post them all here. If you would like to see them all, please email me and I will send them your way!

Thanks Teresa!!!!!

I miss you all!!! I am so looking forward to having some visitors!! Who will be the first???

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