Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Working hard...

So, I got back from my cruise on Sunday night. I came home, loved on my Maxie, and packed for Germany. I did not even unpack from my cruise.

I am in Cologne, Germany for the week for work. Yuck, I know. I was only home for about 12 hours before heading out again. And, it does not get much better from here. Although I will be home on the weekends, I will be in Germany for a total of 3 weeks. Ahhh, I know! I am not happy about it. But, work is the reason I am living over here...and it pays the bills, so I have to do it.

I promise to post about my cruise soon! I have lots to share!

Happy Election Day!


  1. Germany is wonderful but I don't know about having to work all the time. Enjoy the schnitzels!

  2. I'm just feeling for you being away from Maxie so long... I'd be nuts without my pup. I know I'm a little tooooo attached, but it's hard not to be, right?

    Hope all is going well in Germany...

  3. I'm with Gitz about being away from Maxie. At least you'll be with her on weekends.
    Cologne is one of the places we visited in Germany. I loved it there. The people were so nice and it was just a beautiful place. Rest up this weekend~