Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to Reality!

So, our cruise came to an end. We docked back in Venice at 6:30AM this morning. What a fantastic trip!!! We are still in Venice and fly out tomorrow. Since both Pam and I have been to Venice before, we are not really interested in fighting the crowds to see the touristy spots again, so we are relaxing at our hotel (actually Pam is napping and I am catching up on blogs, emails, etc). It is weird to be 'out of touch' for 7+ days. I feel so out of the loop. There are so many blogs I have to catch up on, election coverage to watch, uploading of pictures, blog posts to write, and people to call back. I was happy the Internet was so expensive on the ship as it kept me off the computer, which is not such a bad thing!

So, here I am, back to reality. I took over 500 pictures so I have a lot to edit, upload, and post. Give me some time and I will tell you all about this amazing trip! I am only home for 1 night before I have to go to Germany on Monday for work....stinks, I know. My poor Maxie is going to think I have abandoned her.

What have you been up to while I was sailing?


  1. Just missing you and Maxie!!! :) Can't wait to hear all the details... I'm so glad you had a good birthday trip. You deserve it!

  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Anything here is utterly boring compared to your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it.
    How long will you be in Germany?
    Looking forward to the pictures!

  3. Jennie B.11:44 PM

    HEY! I moved, bless my heart. Photos going up soon on my site. Miss you terribly, can't wait to see all 500 shots! SO incredibly happy that you had a good time- you have earned it!

  4. I'm glad you had such a nice trip.