Friday, November 28, 2008

Daddy's Snow Ice Cream!

There is a tradition in my family---when it snows we make Daddy's Snow Ice Cream!

Have you heard of it before?

I thought everyone knew about snow ice cream, but apparently not! Last Sunday, I was invited over to Dan and Pam's to celebrate Maxie's birthday and it started snowing like crazy! We were so excited since we do not get much snow here in Brussels and it was really fun to watch (and play in too!).

We had dinner and started talking about how much fun the snow is. Then, I told them about what my Daddy and I do when it snows and they about fell off the couch laughing! They thought I was kidding about actually eating snow! I said, "Nope, it has not killed me in 34 years!".

That was it, I had to make them their very first batch of snow ice cream!

This is the first, and most important, ingredient----snow!
Gather up a bowl full of 'clean' snow. This can be challenging, but if you are creative, you can figure it out! I was excited because this was very fluffy snow versus the snow we get in Memphis which is sometimes very icy! (I was a little bit excited!!)
You also need milk, sugar, and vanilla (not pictured).
Start with some snow in a bowl and gradually add milk. Stir until it is all mixed together. Kinda slushy, but not too watery.
Then add sugar to taste.
Then add vanilla. We did not have vanilla extract, so we added vanilla bean (YUM)!And, there you have it----Daddy's Snow Ice Cream!


  1. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Tippa those pictures are beautiful!
    The snow cream looks wonderful.
    Mike's mom used to make snow cream but we never had it as kids. Yours looks yummy! I love the picture of snow:)
    If it ever snows here, I'll make it like you do!

  2. Hmmm...snow ice cream, huh? Being an LA girl, I have obviously never had snow ice cream. Does it taste like ice cream?