Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mediterranean Cruise - Part 6 (Corfu, Greece)

I am back to finish up the cruise postings! I cannot believe it has been over a month since we left on the cruise! I spent 3 weeks in Germany once I got back, so things were a little busy on this side of the pond!

Corfu, Greece was an unexpected treat for me. I had never heard of Corfu prior to planning this trip and did not do any research on what there was to see there, so everything was a surprise. The name Corfu is an Italian word, meaning city of the peaks. I believe this is a little secret place in Greece that not too many people know about and thus it is not flocked with tourists, like the more popular Greek islands. I could definitely see coming back here for a secluded and relaxed beach vacation!

To be honest, the pictures do not capture the beauty of the cliffs and water on the island. We took a bus tour and the weather was not cooperating so most of the pictures were taken from inside the bus.

This was a little stop we made where we could get off the bus and see the water! It was gorgeous! We even tip-toed in, but it was freezing!
Pam and I tip-toeing! We were laughing so hard (can you tell?!)!
The views were unbelievable from the top!
Still laughing!

This tree is supposed to be over 2000 years old! Wow!
Pontikonisi and Vlaheraina monastery viewed from the hilltops of Kanoni.
Rosa left us a little monkey on this night! This was my favorite little creature!
The following day was our last day on the ship and we were at sea all day (with no stopping at any ports). It was also Halloween!

Remember all of the little creatures Rosa left for us each night? Well, I went to the towel folding seminar to see how these were made! It was so neat and a little more complex than the napkins!! Below you will see a turtle, elephant, swan, dog, frog, and lobster!!
After dinner, we went to the finale show. We got there early to make sure we got a good seat. I was sitting on the aisle and Pam and I were chatting when this (pictured below) came up and about scared me out of my seat. He was squatting down beside me and when I turned my head, I let out a scream that I am not proud of! Everyone in the theater was watching this unfold as they were behind us. Obviously, Pam and I had no idea what was about to happen! Everyone started did I (after I caught my breath and made sure I did not pee on myself!)! So, of course, I had to get my picture made with my new friend!
The show was fantastic! This was the preview performance...really cool!
Then, there was this guy! Talk about some talent! Yes, he is balancing himself upside down on a wine bottle!
And on a brick...
This was our final little surprise from Rosa!
The following morning, Saturday, around 8:30AM, we departed the ship for the final time. Pam and I walked off the ship laughing about what an incredible trip and opportunity it was to go on this cruise. We made lots of unforgettable memories that we will have with us forever! I will honestly say, this was the best trip I have been on since my European Adventures began almost 2 years ago! I am so thankful and blessed to be able to live our these dreams!

Up next...our final night in Venice.

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