Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maxie!

Today, Maxie turned 3 years old! And, because I am crazy about my little pup, it is "All About Maxie" today!

One of Maxie's favorite activities is going on a walk. She even knows the word "walk" and you better be to ready to go if you mention that word and she hears you. Otherwise, she will drive you crazy until you give in and take that walk!! Since it was freezing and snowing outside, a walk was not in the plan. However, we did do her 2nd favorite with her favorite toy!!
Dan and Pam invited us over for dinner to celebrate the big day (ok, not really, just an excuse to have Dan cook for us!). Anyway, like I said before, the weather was terrible (freezing outside and snowing). I was parked around the block, so I bundled Maxie up in her coat (she HATES it, by the way) because otherwise she would have gotten all wet.

See, I told you she hated it! But, she loved it while we were walking because it kept her warm and dry!
We made it to Dan and Pam's and started the little party (which, in all honesty, meant we put these party hats on the dogs, took 2 pictures and we were done! You can see why...they hated the party hats too!
Excuse the dirty faces...they get groomed next week!! :-)
Overall, it was a good 3rd birthday for my little Maxie! It started snowing hard enough that we made snow ice cream (that is another posting by itself) and so Maxie had a tiny little bit on her big day!

Happy Birthday, Maxie!


  1. Awww....Happy Birthday Maxie!!!

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Happy Birthday Maxie! The hat picture is priceless.- Jennie B.