Friday, October 10, 2008

You're used to living in Belgium when...

- your list of things to buy while you are home included less than 10 items;
- you walk out of Target only spending $98 for stuff to bring back (although I did spend about $100 at Walgreens);
- you are happy to only be spending $3.45 for a gallon of gas;
- you look at the receipt for a pedicure and ask if the amount is right....$28?! Nice!!
- you turn down the radio when the DJs start talking because you assume it is going to be in French;
- you feel like you are in English-overload and surprised you can understand what everyone is saying around you in stores; and
- you don't expect free refills at all restaurants.

The longer I am in Brussels, the harder it is to come home. I have found myself dreading the move back, I suppose, because I am not quite ready. Brussels is a safe get-away from the craziness of all things America (some things I miss, some things I certainly do not!). I realize more and more since I am home that my time in Brussels is coming to an end and I will be starting my life back here in Memphis. Sigh..... I am going to make myself appreciate everything about living in Europe over the next 6 months, I can guarantee that!

It has been a great trip home! Although I tried not to plan every minute while I was home, including every meal, I ended up doing it anyway. Somehow I knew I would. There are just too many people to see and I have loved every minute of it, and sad I have missed several people I wanted to see too! There are just not enough hours in a day!

I went back tonight and looked at some of the houses in the neighborhood where I want to build and just love it! The neighborhood is so quaint, so "Leave it to Beaver" kind of place! All the houses have such great character and charm! I am getting so excited about my new house and picking out all of the 'stuff'....but I am also dreading making all the decisions (I do not do well with many decisions like that). All this economy stuff is making me nervous, so I am glad I have 6 months left to ride out this situation.

So, I am back on a plane on Saturday night! It has been such a fantastic trip!!! Only 2 more months and I will be back for Christmas!

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  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Hey Tippa! Have a safe trip back. What I'm curious about is what kinds of things did you need to buy here that they don't have there?
    Post some more pics!