Thursday, October 2, 2008

10 Months.....

That is how long it has been since I stepped foot on American soil, saw my friends, my grandmother, eaten Taco Bell, On the Border, a burger from Huey's, ribs from Corky's or Germantown Commissary, eaten a real Caesar salad, my Daddy's ribs and steaks (ok, I see it is all about the food I am missing!!).

My best friend had twins in February (who are now 8 months, another very special friend who was 6 months pregnant lost her baby in September, another special friend is pregnant, and I could go on and on.

I feel like I have missed out on so much since I have lived in Europe and since I was home last. While I have had the time of my life over here, there are so many special occasions I am missing at home, and it makes me sad. It will be nice to visit with everyone, eat at some of my favorite restaurants, and catch up!

I cannot wait! I am leaving for Memphis tomorrow through next Saturday (not long enough, but I will take it).

See you soon, Memphis!


  1. Have a safe flight, and most important...have FUN! (enjoy all that yummy food, too). :)

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Oh my gosh!!! How exciting! Is your pup going? Let's see...start with a big hamburger...and take loads of pictures. I so hope you'll keep blogging:)

  3. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Hi Tippa! This is David Elrod. Thanks for leaving your blog address on my blog. I had lost the bookmark when I blew up my old computer when I first moved to Beijing (that's a humorous story in and of itself). Now, I can continue following your adventures.

  4. Have a great time visiting family & friends!