Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Belgique-vs-Espagne Soccer Game

Last week, my senior management from Memphis was in town for a little work and a lot of fun! They even took us to my very first soccer game! I have never been to a soccer game nor have I ever watched one on TV. I know nothing about the game, rules, or any of the players. However, I have always heard it is a CRAZY atmosphere!

This is my Brussels audit team....JR, Baptiste, Me, and Laurence. I love these guys!Everything I heard about a professional soccer game was right on...it was wild! Belgium was playing Spain and from my understanding, Belgium stinks and Spain is awesome. Laurence came prepared with face paint so we can paint the Belgium flag on our face and show our Belgium pride! To avoid traffic, we took the metro to the stadium and the fun started there. Spain fans were out in full force....and LOUD! They jumped on the metro and started the chanting, singing, yelling, jumping, and just getting crazy excited about the game! I loved it! They definitely were in the spirit. The Belgian fans were not quite as 'spirited' as the Spain fans!

Here are some of my Spanish friends I met on the metro!
More face painting went on once we got to the stadium. Go Belgium Red Devils!!
Love the hat, Baptiste!
Laurence was experiencing a little claustrophobia on the metro...
Laurence and I at the game!

Although Belgium lost 2-1, it was an excellent game and so exciting. I thought it was very interesting that they literally separate the home team fans and the visitor team fans. There is a wall that keeps you on your respective side and you are not allowed to use the same parking lot, etc. The metro is the only time the fans actually meet. I heard stories about fans getting really violate after games...I think the UK teams especially.

I had such a great time...I just may go back to another soccer game!

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  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Tippa, I'm with you I know nothing about soccer but from your pictures I can see the fans take it seriously. I love it that you painted your face! (Seemed like that was a normal thing there:)
    I'm also so glad that you are having fun in spite of the break-in!
    You go girl!