Friday, October 24, 2008


I am going on a cruise!!!!! Seriously, I am so excited I cannot stand it! Pam and I leave for Venice today where we will spend the night, then board the ship tomorrow...on my birthday! Talk about one fantastic gift to myself!! We are off on a 7 day adventure!

This is where we will be going... It is times like this where I seem to forget all of the completely random things that have happened to me over here and realized just how blessed I am to be able to do something like this! It just brings tears to my eyes and chills down my spine!

So, we are off! I will be taking my computer with me (work duties never end) so I will try to blog a little from the ship! No promises! Fun is the priority!

Have a fantastic week!

1 comment:

  1. Do you know how totally ridiculous it is that you throw in, "I'm going to Venice" like that's nothing compared to the cruise?

    It's like, "I'm going to get groceries before I hope on the boat."

    VENICE. Your life is so cool.