Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ghent, Belgium

This past weekend was beautiful (with the exception of my little accident on Sunday). Dan, Pam, and I took Maxie and Zsa Zsa with us to Ghent, Belgium (or Gent in Dutch) on Saturday. We had a wonderful time walking around the quaint streets and checking out what this little town had to offer!

Ghent is about an hour from Brussels, so the drive was not bad at all. Ghent, like Brugge, has canals which run through the city and all kinds of cafes set up along the water.

We were starving when we arrived so had lunch at an Irish restaurant. I have mentioned before that Pam spoils Zsa Zsa as much as I spoil Maxie! What Pam did at this restaurant was hilarious...and she is going to kill me for telling this story! Oh well! Anyway, we all ordered what we wanted for lunch...then Pam decides the dogs need a little something too if they are going to be walking around all afternoon...they need their she ordered them a chicken sandwich! Dan and I busted out laughing and thought it was the funniest thing we have ever heard! Pam glared at us...and did not think a thing about it. Anyway, we all enjoyed our lunch (including the dogs)!!!

The 91-meter-high belfry of Ghent is one of three medieval towers that overlook the old city center.

The Saint Bavo Cathedral (also known as Sint-Baafs Cathedral, or the Dutch Sint Baafskathedraal) is the seat of the diocese of Ghent. It is named for Saint Bavo of Ghent. This church was so beautiful on the inside! Check out all the pictures I took inside in my Shutterfly album.

Beautiful woodwork on the door leading into the church!

Dan stayed with the dogs as Pam and I took a look around!

There was also a really cool castle called the famous castle of the Counts, a typical medieval fortress built for Philip of Alsace, who was the count of Flanders from 1157 to 1191! Cool!

I loved the canals!

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  1. How beautiful!!! I am so jealous of all your weekend adventures!