Thursday, January 24, 2008

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I am enjoying being in Brussels for the next few weeks! It is a very weird feeling not to have much I am getting over that and starting to plan some cool trips!

My friend, Rick, is coming over in February and we are heading to Amsterdam, Paris, and the Champagne Region of France! I am so excited! I have never been to the city of Amsterdam nor to the Champagne Region of France! This is going to be great! In Amsterdam, we have reservations with some friends to go to the Supperclub restaurant! Now, this is going to be a story to tell! You will have to check back for the stories that will come from this adventure!

Then in March, I am going to Istanbul, Turkey. How cool is that??!! My friend, Pam, has friends from Turkey and they have invited us over to visit. I enjoy going to 'different' places and seeing things I never thought I would ever see! Turkey is a country that was not top on my list of must-see places....but when you have an opportunity like this gotta jump on it! So I did! From what I hear, their home is fabulous! They live on a cliff which over looks the Bosporus Strait. The Bosporus separates the European part of Turkey and the Asian part of Turkey. Istanbul is the only city in the world sitting on 2 continents!!! How 'bout those apples!!?

Should be fun!!!

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  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Hey Tippa! Have a great time on all your upcoming trips, especially Istanbul. We enjoyed our time there. It's different than anywhere I've ever been. Watch out for the carpet sellers and definitely try the apple tea and water pipes!