Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy in London...

I have been in London all week and have not had any time for fun! I have always said work is getting in the way of my European vacation! HA!

Anyway, we are finishing up today and making some time for fun tonight! I am going to see Wicked (again)! It is such an awesome show that I am willing to pay to see it twice!

After the show, we are going to the "Absolut Ice Bar"! I am so excited about this! It is a bar made completely of ice. It is kept at minus 5 degrees and you get a designer cape and mittens when you walk in to keep you warm!! This should be interesting! You are only allowed to stay for 40 I know by the end I will be ready to get out of there!

Check it out at

I will have pictures and stories to share soon!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    That sounds like a night to remember! Enjoy it!

  2. HOW MUCH FUN!!!!I have got to see pictures of this ice bar. How exciting!!!!!

  3. gramps1:18 AM

    It looks amazing, I hope we have time to visit it this summer.