Saturday, January 19, 2008

Absolut Icebar - London, England

I made it to the Absolut Icebar....but for only a few minutes!!! What a crazy night!

I was not able to talk the guys I work with into going to see Wicked with I decided to go alone. I knew we had reservations for the Icebar at 10:15PM and Wicked started at 7:30PM so I thought the show would be over by 10PM, at the latest. I was wrong! I looked at my watch at 10:10PM and we were probably on the 2nd to last song. I knew I could not jump over the people sitting beside me because something huge happens at the end of the show...and that would be just rude!

When the standing ovations started I jumped up, ran to the underground, jumped off at my stop, ran (or rather briskly walked) to the hotel (where I left my camera.....and I cannot go to the Icebar without my camera), jumped into a taxi and made it to the Icebar about 10:40PM.

When I arrived I had to get my ticket from the front desk where the lady said I only had 3 minutes left of my reservation. I thought....what the heck, I am going in anyway! They dressed me in a 'designer' cape and gloves and off I went!

With the hat up!

I got in and found JR, Carrie, and Baptiste.

I was in the Icebar about 10 minutes in total but I managed to snap a few pictures and get the feel of the place! I got a drink at the bar, which was in a glass made completely of ice.

Everything but the floor (that could be dangerous) was made of, walls, seats, fake TVs, fake DJ booth, fake speakers, etc. It was really cool (no pun intended).....although I could not stop sweating the whole time....remember I ran halfway across London to get to this place! They say the temperature is kept at minus 5 I am not sure if that is Celsius or Fahrenheit as I really didn't care because it felt so good to me at the time!

Bar in the back of the picture and walls to the side...

Fake DJ booth...
Ice glasses...

Benches with reindeer skin to sit on...

The Icebar staff monitors the time you are in the bar due to it being so cold as those intoxicated would never realize their fingers were turning blue!!! So, unfortunately, we were ushered out of the bar about 10 minutes after I arrived...but I did get to go and experience what this place was all about.

Afterwards we warmed up (or continued to cool off for me) at the Cellar bar which was apart of the Icebar....just warmer!

The Absolut Icebar was incredible and a must-see for anyone in London...even for only 10 minutes!!!

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