Friday, January 30, 2009

What's in a name?

Have you ever named a house? I have only heard of this being done in India where everything was named (homes, businesses, etc) and they did not have addresses. It was kinda weird, but I thought it was just an Indian thing.

I was showing the guys at work the progress of my house and they asked me if I was going to name it. I looked at them like they were crazy and they continued to explain to me that people really name houses! Seriously??!!

So, with everything else going on in my world right now, I will throw this out there....any suggestions on a name? If I choose something that one of you suggested, I will give you a nice "happy" (yet to be determined...maybe something Belgian, African, or Egyptian??!!).

So, get to work on finding me a name!

And for inspiration, here are some latest pics of my little house. Check out the snow! There was a blizzard in Memphis! Hahaha!! I love the arches going from the great room into the dining room...and the half wall to open it it!
This is the laundry room!


  1. I think you should name it Oz (or Ozzy, for fun) so that every time you pull up to it you'll remember that "There's no place like home."

    It would also sound more adventurous at the end of the day, when someone asks where you're going. Instead of saying, "I'm going home." you can say, "I'm heading to Oz..."

  2. Okay Tippa, here are some ideas I've been pondering.
    The Laurels
    Meadow View
    The Haven
    Willow Cottage

    I think these are all interchangeable too:)

    My favorite: Stirling... with anything above, Stirling manor or cottage, haven, gables, meadow,

    Stirling is my favorite because it means "of high quality" which totally reminds me of how beautiful all the things are that you picked out for the house!

    I'm with Gitz on this experience in that it IS fun to live vicariously through you in watching you build this house!

  3. No, I have never named a house, lol, I think it must just be an Indian thing, since I don't know anyone else who names their house either! Lol!

  4. Naming your house seems like a pretty personal thing if you ask me. With that said, it may be nice to name your home something that makes you reflect back on your time here in Europe as I'm sure you'll be filling your new home with many treasures you've found on your trips as well as photos from interesting places you've visited.

    But I'll put my 2cents in and I say "Chimay". ;) Good luck deciding!

  5. Anonymous2:43 PM

    The house is really coming along Tippa. I love all these ideas so far! Wouldn't it be fun to say I'm heading to Oz? But to say I'm cleaning Ozzy today, makes me think of Ozzy Osborne!!!
    Vicky's ideas a beautiful too, love them all...but I wonder if you'll have to live there for a little while and get to know her a bit!?
    I'm going to name my house too! I love the idea!

  6. you could always go the corny, alliteration route and use something like tippa's taj mahal. or, is there a name you really liked and considered other than maxie? or a name that could coordinate with "maxie"?