Friday, January 9, 2009

Progress Already!

Just to warn you, my loyal and special bloggy friends, you are going to get tired of reading about my house! I am so freaking excited I can barely stand it!!! I will try to keep the updates under control and continue to focus on my European adventures (I am not done yet).

However, this week has been very productive. I signed the contract on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning, this was happening...
Yes, that is right...they are moving dirt! I could not believe it! Wow, they do not waste any time! I drove by today and they are actually framing it up to pour the slab! Very impressive!!! And, I cannot believe I did not take a picture!

And, I am being honest here, I am ready to get back to Brussels. Not because I miss it so much, but because if I were here, I would be the most annoying home builder ever. I would drive by daily, probably critic everything they do, and make too many changes on things that I have already decided on. See, something you may not know about me...I do not make decisions well. I am the type that needs to know all my options, all of them, so I can make an educated decision. However, I always second guess myself and change my mind.

God was with me as I made the initial decisions about my house. Seriously, I did not stress or feel overwhelmed at all about making them, I saw my choices and made them...and was done within a couple of hours. I chose my brick, shingles, shudders, outside paint, hardwood, cabinets, granite, tile, lights, etc. Everything. I walked away with only a couple of items to finalize.

Then, my mind started thinking...and today, I redesigned my entire kitchen. Yes, that is what I said...the entire thing. I chose completely different cabinets and island! Now, that means tomorrow I have to go and make sure the granite and hardwood are still fine.

This is not good. I must learn to make a decision and go with it. When it comes to work decisions, I am totally confident and make a decision and stick to it. But when it comes to my personal life, I second guess everything. What is up with that??

So, here we are...I love my new kitchen and totally happy about it now. I would post a picture but you really would not get a good idea from the picture I it will have to be a surprise!!

Aren't you excited!!??


  1. I AM excited!!! And don't you dare limit yourself on the house updates... we (or at least I) love them!!!


  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I love them too! I've never built a house so I'm looking forward to peeking at you during this process!And the kitchen is so important, I'm glad you reworked your ideas! Keep it up!

  3. I am really feeling your excitement! I have always, always wanted to design and build a house!

    For me, I don't always know what I want until I've lived in the space for awhile and I know how it functions. So above all else, just love the fact that its all yours!

  4. i think we all are just as excited to hear about your house as we are your overseas adventures. but i need to ask...will you keep your blog up after getting back for good? you practically have a travel guide book already written...what a shame to lose it! :) every person you know who visits any of the countries you did will be asking you, for years to come, what you recommend.