Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chef Tippa? I don't think so!

I met with my relocation agent, Christian, yesterday to get information regarding my move and list of more things that need to be taken care of before my departure from Belgium. He went through my apartment and helped me list items which needed to be cleaned, etc. My apartment was completely renovated before I moved in with all new appliances, etc in the kitchen.

Christian walked over to my stove top and look at the vent-a-hood. He told me to remember to change the filter. I said, ok let's take a look at it. I did not even know there was a filter in a vent-a-hood.
He walked over, looked at the vent-a-hood and filter and laughingly said, "Um, do you cook much?". I burst out laughing and told him, no, I do not cook much at all! He said, "I can tell. Look at this, it is like it has never been used!".

As you can tell, this has barely been used at all. The blue protective tape is still on and even a little sticker!
Chef Tippa, I am not!


  1. I had an apartment once that had a tiny oven that never cooked at the proper temperature. I gave up even trying as I would either burn food or it would come out undercooked. My future in-laws were convinced it meant I couldn't cook. The first time they stayed at our new house with us after we were married they offered to cook everything convinced their son must be starving!

    I would love to have seen the look on Christian's face when he discovered the tape on it!

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Oh that's great! And not cooking has paid off big time hasn't it???
    That's one less thing to put on your list :)

  3. With all the traveling you do who has time to cook, right! But now that you'll be moving into your customized kitchen I'm sure you'll be doing a little cooking. ;)

  4. I KNEW we had a lot in common...


  5. So now I need to know: Are you part of the Microwave S'mores Club?

  6. Velvetta Mac and Cheese counts as cooking right?! I'll give you that, Mrs. Chef!