Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Southern Living

I am a girl of all things southern. I have missed living away from the south so much and being home for an extended period of time has really made me realize how much of the southern ways and hospitality I have missed!

Here is an example and update on my house!

I am building a house in a fabulous neighborhood (I am sure you know that already!). I met with the builder's wife who handles answering the questions, picking out the 'stuff', etc. This is a family owned business so I am literally dealing with the husband, wife, and son throughout this entire process. This lady is named, Miss Helen (did you catch the "Miss" southern!). Miss Helen was so sweet with her southern accent and answered all my questions. I told her the house I liked and she said, "Oh, Miss Becky built that house and it is so cute. You have to see it. I will call Miss Becky today and get that set up!". She also said that Miss Libby just moved in around Christmas and did the same floor plan and that I would have to see her house too!

Love it...Miss Becky and Miss Libby!

We were able to get to see Miss Becky's house a couple of days later! It is so cute! Miss Becky is an older lady and just so sweet! She had a beautiful home and really helped make a lot of my decisions a lot easier!! We were not able to see Miss Libby's home, but that was ok, I just loved it so much from the outside that I chose the same one! Seriously, below is a picture of Miss Libby's house....and also, my future house!!!!! I loved the brown paint color and brown shudders with the white trim!

This is a funny story....when my agent and I were writing up the contract there was a line where you had to write in the name of the plan you wanted to build. We literally wrote "Miss Becky's plan" on that line. I am not kidding...this contract said that we wanted to build Miss Becky's floorplan! I find that so funny!!! Only in the south would that happen!!!!

Let me introduce you to my future place of residence and the current home of Miss Libby!!

This is Miss Becky's kitchen! I loved it so much that I chose a very similar cabinet and the same granite countertops!
This is Miss Becky's master bathroom! Loved it this will be my bathroom! Notice the oiled rubbed bronze faucets! Love them!
I decided to do granite in the bathrooms as this will be my master bathroom vanity.
A girl has to have a place to shave her I had to have the seat in the shower as well!
My walk-in closet and laundry room will have these split doors! Love them!
And this will be where my future home will reside! So, this is my mud!
And my street! (Notice Miss Libby's house on the left corner.)
I cannot wait to get this process moving along! I am so relieved that the contract has been signed and the building can begin! It has been raining like mad these past couple of days so hopefully that has passed and we can get the slab poured this week or next! They are saying we can close at the end of March!! Just in time for my grand move back over the big pond!

Stay tuned for house updates!!! I look forward to taking you along for the ride!


  1. It looks so cute from the outside and elegant on the inside. i can't wait to see more when you move in!

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I love the house, the granite is AMAZING!!!!
    The whole set up is perfect!
    I am so looking forward to this process...

  3. Ohhhhh, how I would love granite! Very warm colors... you and Maxie will do so well there. Yea for you!

  4. The pics look great! I can't wait to see Miss Tippa's house!

  5. Congratulations! Love the kitchen!!