Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just stuff

Hello bloggy friends! I am sorry I have not posted lately. Things have been a little busy since I have been home. I have loved every minute of being home and it seems really surreal to be back here for so long this time. It has been nice to see so many friends, hang out with my family, get stuff ready for my new house, and just 'be' in the good ole USA!

So, here is a little (belated) recap of what has been going on:

Family Christmas was very nice and calm. Christmas Eve is our big family night, which leaves Christmas Day to my immediate family and my grandmother. We decided to have a little jammie party (thanks for the idea, Robin!) and stay in jammies all day and play the new Wii! We had so much fun! Aren't we cute in our jammies!?!

This is my grandmother, me, Maxie (yes, she had jammies too!), my sister Angie and mom.
Daddy did not get into the jammie action...
Max, my parent's dog (Maxie's namesake):
Aren't we cute?!?
I have been fortunate enough to see many sets of friends! After the Christmas Service at my church, I met up with my girls....Ginnie, Emily, and Amanda!
Then, another night, a bunch of college friends got together with their families (yes, I was the only one there without a child!). Talk about some good birth control!!! It was so good to see all of these girls and their families!! We did have a great time and the kids were very well behaved! I only had to drink half the bottle of wine (just kidding!!)....

This is Melissa's crew...
Laura and her family...
These are Teresa's kids. I never could get Teresa or Sean in a picture with their babies! Below are the twins, Marley and Maverick, and Mackenzie!
This is Margo's family...
Stephanie and her little one...
And we tried our best to get a group shot. This was as good as it got!
I spent New Year's Eve at my friend, Jennie's, downtown Memphis condo! It was so fun to hang out with her and see her new place!

I love being home and getting to catch up with so many friends (the ones seen here and many others as well). I am really looking forward to getting back home more and more!

More to come soon on my house! I made an offer today on the new construction, so I hope to know something official tomorrow so we can break ground!

I head back to Brussels on Sunday, January 11th, so there is still a lot of stuff to pick out for the house!

So, stay tuned...


  1. Oh that looks fabulous! Look at all of those cute kids. Wait till Robin sees the jammies photos... love those. And cute little Maxie and Max! What a fun trip for you. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time with family and friends : )

  2. How freaking cute are you girls in the jammies? (My dad would have been in pjs before we said go... he loves lounging...)

    CAN'T WAIT for more house info. This is so exciting!!!!

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I loooovvveee your Pa-jay-jays!!!!! You guys looked so adorable...pink was perfect!

    I'm loving you being home :)

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