Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Weekend!

I am off to Copenhagen, Denmark this weekend! I am giggling right now because I have not planned one single thing for this trip! Seriously, nothing!!!! I am going with my friends, Dan and Pam. We booked this trip a while back and I really have not thought too much about it since. Yes, we got our flights and hotels, but nothing more than that. I did buy a travel book for Copenhagen several months ago, but have I opened it? Nope and my flight leaves in 3 hours!

This is what I do know...

We are flying into Copenhagen tonight! Tomorrow we are taking some boat ride to some place I have no idea where. Then, we are going to an amusement park, which as I understand it, is like a park but has rides in it as well (not like Disneyland). We are also going to see the other sites of the city (whatever they may be!)

Saturday, some friends of Dan's will be meeting up with us to show us some of their favorite spots in Copenhagen (they live in Sweden). We are then going to a local market to pick some food for a BBQ (Swedish style) and then head to their house. They have a guest house on their property, which is where we will be sleeping Saturday night! How cool is that??!!! Hanging out with locals doing what the locals do! Supposedly, they live on the water somewhere in Sweden so we will also have some beach time as well!

Sunday is completely open, as far as I know, then Monday, we fly home super early to be able to make it to work on time (or soon thereafter!!).

I know that sounds a little like a plan, which, I suppose it is a little, but I had nothing to do with any of it! I am just showing up!

If you know me, you know that I am a complete organized freak! Really, almost scary how organized I am---always prepared and ready! I buy travel books and read them cover to cover and plan out every detail of my trips! I believe in not missing a single must-see thing that I am suppose to see! Sounds stressful, but it really isn't. I do not stress out about any of it, but I just make sure to plan accordingly! Well, I have seen my attitude change over the past few months when it comes to upcoming trips. I am more interested in just showing up and letting the spirit take me to the places I am suppose to go! Is that bad?

Here is another example---My dear friend, Jennie, will be arriving in Brussels in 13 days (but who is counting!!). Our plan is to go to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain! We have the flights booked, hotels booked, and even a train ticket booked....everything else, well, the spirit will guide us! Oh wait, I think she did book the bus tours! You should have seen the itinerary of her last trip over here! We covered some serious ground! That stresses me out just thinking about it!

I am off to some unplanned fun!


  1. Hey, girl... I'm watching Belgium and the US play beach volleyball and can't stop thinking about you! How funny, right? The Belgian team is giving us a run for our money and keep thinking that Belgium must be excited tonight! :)


  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Don't mean to be anonymous, but I never can remember my user id and password- it's Jennie B.!

    Have a great time in Copenhagen and practice non preparation so we will be great at it in Spain! Hee Hee! I am so ready to get over there!

  3. Don't forget our "unplanned" picnic that turned out to be the best day ever! Going where the spirit takes you is what life is about, right?! We can't control everything, so why even try! I think learning things as you experience them is so much better than reading about it in a book and then being disappointed if you don't get to see it (whatever that may be). I remember being that way traveling to NYC for the first time. Of course I knew what was there, but I didn't study a map to try to go from place to place. I just wandered around and got SO excited when I'd run up on something I wanted to see and there it was! I think if I had been following a map, I would have missed a lot more b/c I wouldn't have just let myself find things I didn't even realize I was going to see. Books and maps don't tell us everything about a place, so just enjoy what you experience, not what the books tell you to experience!! You won't be disappointed!


  4. Saw this quote on another blog (thanks Katie!) and thought it fit so well with your trip to Hans Christian Anderson's home this weekend:

    Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.
    -Hans Christian Anderson

    Enjoy your fairy tale!! :)