Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Stuff!

A few good things I wanted to share today! First, my friend, Jennie, made it to Amsterdam and is now about to board a plane bound for Brussels! She will land in 1 hour and I am so excited to see her!!!!! It has been 8 months! Yikes!

Next, I booked something today that I am so excited about I could scream! I am going on a Mediterranean cruise!!!!! I have wanted to go on a cruise since I arrived in Europe! I was supposed to go with my friend, Ginnie; however, God intervened and sent little Geater to grow inside her (due at the end of March 2009!)! I could not be more excited for her! So, I put the cruise on the back burner and hoped something would come along! Then, my friend, Pam, got wind that I was looking for a cruising buddy and thought it was a fantastic idea! So, we booked our cruise today!! We are leaving on my birthday (October 25th!!) for 7 days! I am so excited!!!

So, lots to get ready for over the next couple of months, but before all of that, Jennie and I are off to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain next week! So excited!

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