Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics in Beijing!!

I love the Olympics! I was going to be the next Mary Lou Retton back in the day. As in years past, I am addicted to watching all the events and staying up way past my bedtime to see if Michael Phelps has done it again! (And he did!!!!)

What an incredible race this was! You can see it in this reaction just how much passion they have for their sport, their team, and each other! Unlike in years past, I am cheering for Team USA from Belgium! I have Sky TV (British TV) so I am experiencing the Olympics through the eyes of the Brits and learning about the British commentators and British athletes. It is not that bad, but not anything like I am used to. I am used to full nonstop Team USA coverage, knowing all the US athletes by name, stats, hometown, what's playing on their iPod, their favorite food, how much sleep they get at night, and how many calories they consume in a day!

This year, I know very little about the US athletes, except for Michael Phelps!! The Brits are OBSESSED with Phelps (as am I) so there is nonstop coverage of his events! I am definitely not complaining, but I would love to see some of the American gymnastics too!

Here's to you, Team USA....keep going for GOLD!

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  1. Love the new look! I hope you have a good day!