Monday, October 1, 2007

Water problems in Brussels...

Just when I thought all things were good in Brussels, I got slapped back into reality! I have had every water problem you could think of over the past couple of weeks!

First: A week after Jennie left, I started noticing water coming from the wall in my guest bathroom. Yes, I said the WALL. I knew this could not be good so I called the owner of my building. Come to find out there was something stuck in a pipe causing water to back up and come out of the wall. I have learned not to question too much in Brussels...but water coming out of a wall does not seem to be normal no matter what is stuck in a pipe. Anyway, it is now fixed and all was well....for a few days anyway!

Then: The weather has turned quite chilly in Brussels...almost to a point where turning on the heat is becoming necessary. I have radiator heat in my apartment. I have never had radiator heat before in my life so I have no idea how this is suppose to work. Anyway, I turned the radiator on to see what would happen for when the weather does require heat. Well, nothing happened and heat never came out of the radiator. So, the next morning when I got up to take a shower I did not have any hot water...NONE and the water was ICE cold. Not a good way to start the morning. I took a very quick sponge bath and once again, called my owner. Nothing happened that day, so the next day and after another ICE COLD sponge bath the owner's son-in-law came over and fixed the boiler in my apartment where something was going on with the pressure which caused the hot water not to work!

Today: I got up to take a shower and NO WATER at all! NONE, only drip, drip, drip and nothing more than that. (Side note: I have not paid a water bill in 4 months...only because I have not received one....and I have NEVER received an electricity bill...ever (that is another story)! So I was a little nervous that my water had been turned off for lack of payment!). Anyway, come to find out that was not the cause for no water. I ran into my neighbor who lives on the 3rd floor and she told me what happened! it appears something happened to the boiler on the roof of my building at 3AM this morning and woke up the guy who lives on the 2nd floor and then proceeded to wake up the girl on the 3rd floor. They decided not to wake me up but called the fire department instead. The fire department came out to turn off the water in the building. Someone came this morning to fix the boiler but did not know how to turn the water back on in the building (that is scary to me). Anyway, I had called the water company and they sent someone out here to turn the water back on!

Who knew it was so hard to shower in Brussels...??

I just wanna go home....4 days and counting!!!!

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