Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I was fortunate to celebrate my birthday in Memphis and Brussels this year (how weird is that??!!)! I spent time with some of my best friends on Friday night and with my family on Saturday night before I left.

Friday night we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Memphis...Cozymel's! I love that place! It was so good to see and catch up with my girls most of which I had not seen since I left Memphis!

Here are some pics from the celebration!

Top Left: Jennie Bledsoe
Top Right: Adrienne Foster
Bottom Left: Valerie Lipe
Bottom Right: Amanda McElroy

Ginnie Geater

Emily Mathews

Amanda, Valerie, Adrienne, Jennie (Yes, I know, you have seen these girls before, but I thought this picture was cute!)

Teresa Ray & Mackenzie Ray (she was being a little shy!!)

Kim and Michael Shepherd

The Rays (Sean, Teresa, and Mackenzie)

Now Mackenzie was ready to pose with her play-dough and her name 'forked' into it!!

Back in Brussels, I went to dinner with some of my European friends last night! We ate at La Fin de Siecle, a fabulous Italian restaurant, which is really close to my house (that could be dangerous!!!).

Starting from the left: JR Garcia (I work with him), Julie Gabler (my friend from California who is a lawyer and the girl that is going to Disneyland Paris with me this weekend), ME!, Pam Rokjer (my dear friend and Zsa Zsa's mom), and Carrie Garcia (JR's wife).

The restaurant fixed a fabulous birthday dessert!!!

Thanks to everyone that called, emailed, and sang to me on my special day! I am so blessed to have family and friends who love and care about me so much! Your love made being away from home manageable and enjoyable!

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