Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I just wanna go home....

I am down to 2 days and counting before Maxie and I board a plane en route to Memphis on Friday! I cannot wait! The most random things have happened to me over the past week or so that has made the timing for the trip home more important! Here is a run-down:

* I told you all about the water far nothing else has happened. Yahoo!

* I got home last night and had NO POWER! All I could do was shake my head and leave. I had some errands to run anyway, so I did and by the time I got back home, the power was back on! Jeeezzzzz....

* Then, I received a certified letter that I had to pick up at the post office. Let me remind you I have not had any reason to go to the post office since I have been this was a whole new experience. I was secretly excited about going and picking up what I thought was a nice happy someone from home had sent (because I was expecting a package)...but I was disappointed when the postman gave me an envelope from the tax authorities. Obviously, not too exciting! When I opened it I found it was in French (imagine that) so I took it to the office and gave it to the person who handles our relocation and expat matters. She proceeded to call the tax authorities and found out that the owner has not paid income taxes on my apartment for 2 years and they are about to seize the rent that I pay! now I may have to start paying rent to the tax authorities!!

A friend mentioned earlier in the week that I must have a good Belgian experience before I leave...otherwise she will worry that I won't return. Well, I'm afraid she'd better start worrying!

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