Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My First Trip Home

I am in a little better here is a little recap of my trip home!

Maxie and I arrived in Memphis on October 5th! The trip over the ‘pond’ was uneventful (although an hour late into Memphis) and Maxie did great! She is required to stay in her travel bag while in the air, but I was allowed to keep the bag in my lap which made for a happy Maxie!

We had a few hours layover in Maxie got out of her bag and played for a little while! I was amazed at the attention she got from the airport staff and fellow passengers!

Here she is before we landed in Memphis...I think she was ready to get there (me too)!!!

It was so good to be home although it was very surreal to be ‘visiting’ Memphis. I have lived there all my life and have never been there to just ‘visit’. It was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt! Daddy had his famous ribs ready for me when I arrived! Oh they were soooo good!

The 2 weeks went by so fast! I got to see my family and friends and I do not think I slept the entire 2 weeks! We had something going on almost every night. I now have a new respect for people who live away from their family and only have a limited time to catch up when they are in town….whew, it is tiring!

I spent most of my time eating foods that I cannot get in Brussels. Man, the things we miss! I have craved Mexican the most…so I went to On the Border at least 4 times (I prefer fake Mexican)! There was also Huey’s (for their famous burgers), Chick-Fil-A (for nuggets and sweet tea), Cozymel’s (more Mexican), Papa Johns pizza (with Ginnie), BBQ ribs (my daddy’s), Memphis Pizza CafĂ© (YUM), Melting Pot (fondue), Ruth’s Chris (best steak ever)…and many many more! It was all great and I need to go on a major diet! Whew!

I also got to do some shopping while at home! Shopping in Europe is VERY expensive and the clothes are very different. I think I bought my fall/winter wardrobe while I was home….hence the 3 HUGE suitcases I brought back with me....which arrived last night, by the way!

The main reason I was home was to attend "AuditFest", an annual work event. I know, it sounds crazy...but it never disappoints...and this year was no different!!!! (More about it later!)

I knew leaving Memphis was going to be very sad...and it was! I did not bring Maxie back with me since I will be back home in 9 weeks and I wanted to do a lot of traveling over the next couple of months. It is amazing how quiet the apartment is without her. I miss her so much! Mom and Dad are taking good care of her and I will be back in no time!

My birthday is tomorrow and I have a trip planned to Disneyland Paris this weekend to celebrate and spend some quality time with Mickey! My friend Julie suggested we go and I was so excited! I have always wanted to go...and thought this would cheer me up! We will see!!!

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