Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We made it to Budapest...FINALLY!

After over 14 hours of travel delays we made it to Budapest, Hungary! So many of you think I have the greatest job in the world...well, yesterday's adventures show just how hard business travel can be.

We were originally scheduled to leave Brussels on Malev Hungarian Airlines at 10:05AM. JR and I arrived at the airport around 8:40AM. Upon arrival we noticed the people in front of us were having trouble with their reservations. We did not worry but was anxious to get checked in. Then our time arrived....we were told we did not have confirmed reservations and they had overbooked the flight. The next flight out was at 5:30PM. So they offered us 250 euros, upgrade on the 5:30 flight, a meal voucher, and access to the VIP lounge. (Ok, not too bad, really.)

My boss and his wife (Orlando and Sandra) had already checked in and were at the gate. It wasn't until they got to the gate that they realized Sandra was given MY boarding pass. Let me remind you that I had not even made it to the airport when they were checking in. So, she got through Immigration, and Security without anyone noticing the wrong name on the boarding pass. (I feel really safe now!) Anyway, once JR and I were bumped and the issue with the boarding pass, Orlando and Sandra decided to give up their seats and fly with us on the 5:30 flight.

After all of this was resolved and everyone had the right boarding pass it was about 11AM! We headed off to get some lunch and then to the lounge to wait around for the 5:30 flight. Yes, I could have gone home, but why??? I did not want to fight traffic to and from the airport and Maxie had already been dropped off at Dan and Pam's house. So I just hung out on the comfy couches in the lounge with Internet access and Slingbox to help pass the time.

So, around 4PM we looked on the departure board and saw the flight was delayed 1 hour and now leaving at 6:30PM. Great, I am thinking by this point! Oh well, we had been here this long...why not another hour??!! Around 6PM we head the to the gate to board. As we were trying to board, the gate attendant informs us that we do not have a reservation in the system. We tell her what happened and after about 15 more minutes she was able to get it fixed and we board! YAY, I am thinking......well............

We get to our seats and wait and wait and wait and wait. The flight attendant announces there has been a security breach. There was luggage on the plane and the owners of that luggage had not boarded so they had to search for and remove the luggage before we could depart. Then a little while later the 3 "unaccounted for" passengers walked off the plane (yes, they were in their seats the whole time) and then got back on the plane. Not sure exactly what happened there...but anyway....they get back on the plane a few minutes later.

Then the pilot announces we would be delayed another 40 minutes due to a computer outage and paperwork problems. We FINALLY backed away from the gate at 7:45PM. We arrived in Budapest around 9:30PM and to the hotel at 10:30PM.

Traveling is really not all it's cracked up to be!!

By the way, Budapest is gorgeous! WOW! More to come soon!

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  1. Pictures!!! Take lots of Pictures!!! Yes I don't enjoy all the waiting associated with travel. At least you get to do it first class now. I'm glad you made it there safely.

    Have Fun!!