Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh, this is funny!!!

Ok, this is too funny not to blog about!!!!! I had a neighbor complain last week about all the barking going on in my apartment. I understand why she complained...when Maxie and Zsa Zsa get together they are a little loud. Anyway, she complained on the same day Zsa Zsa was going all was fine.

On Sunday while Maxie was exploring outside, she started barking. Since we already had one complaint, I went outside to see what she was barking at and to try and stop her. To my surprise I heard loud and clear what she was barking neighbors having crazy sex!!!! It was so loud even Maxie could not take it. I about died laughing! I came in, closed the windows and just laughed! Then, about 10 minutes later...round 2 started...and so did Maxie! It was hilarious!

Now, the next time my neighbor complains I will tell her to talk to the other neighbors and have them SHUT THE WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!

The joys of apartment life!!!

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