Monday, August 13, 2007

Hungarian Language

I have a greater admiration for those who speak Hungarian, especially those whose first language is English and learned Hungarian (for fun). I am returning to Brussels not knowing one single word in Hungarian. The only thing I was able to pick up was that Hungarians pronounce 's' as in 'sh'. So instead of saying Budapest (pronouncing the 't') you should say Budapesh. Interesting, uh.

Some words I was able to make out just by looking at them....such as:




I have no idea!!!!

Sample Phrases and Words in Hungarian:
Note: The stress is always placed on the first syllable of each word. The remaining syllables all receive an equal, lesser stress. All syllables are pronounced clearly and evenly, even at the end of a sentence, unlike in English.

Formal, when addressing a stranger: "Good day!": Jó napot (kívánok)!
Informal, when addressing someone you know very well: Szia! (it sounds almost exactly like "See ya!")

Viszontlátásra! (formal) (see above), Viszlát! (semi-informal), Szia (informal: same stylistic remark as for "Hello!" )

Excuse me: Elnézést!
Kérem (szépen) (This literally means "I'm asking (it/you) beautifully", as in German Danke schön, "I thank (you) beautifully". See next for a more common form of the polite request.)
Legyen szíves! (literally: "Be (so) kind!")
I would like ____, please: Szeretnék ____
Sorry!: Bocsánat!
Thank you: Köszönöm
How much?: Mennyi?
How much does it cost?: Mennyibe kerül?
Yes: Igen
No: Nem
I don't understand: Nem értem
I don't know: Nem tudom

Where's the toilet?:
Hol van a vécé? (vécé is the Hungarian pronunciation of the English abbreviation of "Water Closet")
giving a generic toast: Egészségünkre! (literally: "To our health!")
water: víz
wine: bor
beer: sör
milk: tej
Do you speak English?: Tud(sz) angolul?
I love you: Szeretlek
Help!: Segítség!

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