Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Budapest Finale

After the Terror Museum, JR and I had lunch at a great little outdoor café. I love Europe and all of the outdoor cafés. I suppose the weather here enables you to sit outside and enjoy your lunch while not baking in the heat like what is going on back in Memphis.

JR left Saturday heading back to Brussels and I decided to explore the sights and shops of this part of town. On my way back to the Danube River area, passing St. Stephen’s Basilica where a wedding was going on, I headed toward the Chain Bridge where on weekends in August they shut down the bridge to car traffic for summer festivals! There are tons of vendors selling their hand-made items, music, dancing, drinking and eating. It was a great festive time…until the rain came. I was half way across the bridge when it started pouring! Luckily, my hotel was close by and I made it back without getting too drenched!

I slept on Sunday and got all packed up to head back to Brussels. I did some last minute shopping (I hope to have all my Christmas shopping done early this year) and headed back to the Chain Bridge where the festival was still going on. I purchased a few other gifts and called it a day!

Budapest is a great little city to visit! The people were incredible, the food was great, and the sights were memorable. I look forward to returning!

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